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Temperature controllers ATR902 - 12ABC with microprocessor



Plug-in process controller 15 cycles / 18 steps

Plug-in process controller, multi-poles connector, single loop. It enables the programming of 15 cycles/programs which might include anything up to 18 steps/segments, all free selectable by the operator as rising/dwell/cooling steps. Distinctive feature is the extremely user-friendly programming, easy to handle even for the unskilled operator.

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Specifically conceived for hobby kilns, but suitable also for professional applications like ceramics/glass/jewelry/dental furnaces or laboratory kilns requiring temperature control versus time. Special functions like Delayed Start, Waiting (useful whenever the process has a delay on the programmed setpoint), Cycle Recovery (after unexpected power failures) are included. The multi-poles connector does not require electrical wirings and allows a straightforward installation/replacement.


Analogue input free selectable for different types of thermocouples (no separate ordering codes), two relay outputs programmable as command/alarm/auxiliary. All option are selectable by keyboard.


Including 15 configurable curves (programs) of cooking with 20 segments (ramps) each one.
Function: departure differed from 0 at 9:59 minutes
A configurable entry of measurements for thermo couple K, S, J, R, T, E, N
Supply 220 volts
2 exits relays 8 A

2 Displays
Algorithms ON-OFF with hysteresis
P, pi, P.I.D, PD at duration proportional
Manual or automatic Tunig
Possibility simple function regulator, example: Maintains with 900°C continuously
Format L 120 X 65 X 65 mm
Weights 400 gr. approx.
Connecting cable (1300mm) taken male (catch with 8 poles)
Female catch of connection 8 poles to be welded.

TAKING pre-wired for atr902

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