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500GR 0.5 34,30 € 17,15 €
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5KG 5 29,30 € 146,52 €
10KG 10 27,06 € 270,60 €
25KG 25 22,55 € 563,70 €

Lead free Burgundy red cadmium enamel - EECS 06

Cadmium selenium effect.

Series of colored lead-free enamels of great intensity with a specific formulation.

They can be applied on any type of paste, white or red.

Suitable for decorating culinary pieces.

The application can be done by dipping, spraying or with a pear.

The recommended firing temperature is 980-1080°C.

It is recommended to fire these products at the appropriate temperature with a slow cycle, (> 5 h), and making a level at the end of firing.

High coefficient of expansion to be taken into account in order to avoid cracking.

These enamels require a thick coat.

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Burgundy red EECS06

EMAUX CADMIUM - Delivered in welded plastic bag

Advice :

Cooking range 980°C - 1080° C

Group I - lead-free

Enamel / water mixture: 100 / 70 %.

You can use the liquid adhesive MONOCOLL to increase the adhesion of the glazes to the ceramic substrate.

Use MONOCOLL II between 1 and 3% (easier to dose in small amounts of glaze) or MONOCOLL III at 1% (ideal for preparations of 10 to 25 kg of glaze).

Group I - lead-free

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Composition Without lead