Packaging by Price per kg Prices VAT incl. Quantity
100GR 0.1 142,56 € 14,26 €
250GR 0.25 136,37 € 34,09 €
500GR 0.5 130,18 € 65,09 €
1KG 1 74,39 € 74,39 €
5KG 5 61,99 € 309,96 €

Purple D208


Colouring oxide range with unlead fondant incorporated in the formula.

Possibility to mix those colours and to use them on or under the glaze.



Firing température 980-1020°C


Formula: Sn-Cr

More info

 D200 series colorant range with incorporated lead-free fondant (D200 series only), specially adjusted for brush decoration, on and under enamel.

They can be mixed with each other, to obtain a wider range of colors.

Presentation in powder from 100 gr to 5 kg.

Preparation: Add approximately 50% water to the powder.

Shake before use because the dye settles at the bottom of the jar.

This D200 series colorant range is perfectly suited for food use.