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Deep yellow ochre D01


Colors to paint D Set.

These products are a range of a very fine colouring oxides with the fondant incorporated in the formula.
Possibility to mix them to change the shades.

Usable under glaze or on it.

Can be used to color the glazes :between 4 and 9% in a transparent glaze and between 6 and 15 % in a white basis


Firing température 950-1250°C

Formula: Zr-Si-Fe-Pr-Zn

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 Range of dyes series D

SOLARGIL PAINTING COLOURS SERIES D Our D series is a range of very fine colouring oxides with the leaded flux incorporated in the formula.

Miscible with each other to vary shades, they can be used underglaze or overglaze, and can also be used to colour glazes: between 4 and 9% in a transparent base and between 6 and 15% in a white base.

Preparation: Add about 50% water to the powder.

Shake before use as the colourant settles to the bottom of the jar.