6 300,00 €

145.00 kg

Wet back spray booth stainless steel CPA -1000 for ceramic use

The water wash spray booth works on a curtain of continuously, recycled water running down the rear face of the spray booth.

A glaze spray is aimed towards this curtain, the spray being guided by a powerful extraction fan.

The glaze in trapped by the water curtain, whist the air stream is pulled through the booth and into a stainless steel pre-filter and finally into a washable filter bag.


More info

Staintess steel spray booth and tanks.

With 2 tanks of 60 liters.

Air extraction :2610 m3/h

Diameter air extration : 325 mm

Water pump : 28 l/min to 2800 RPM

Size : W 1000 mm x H 1000 mm x D 1000 mm

Hood internal dimension : W 1130 mm x H 1850 mm x P 1480 mm

Weight : 135 kg (without tanks)

Included lighting in the spray booth and whirler from Dia 240 mm