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Its use dimensions give it a wide range of applications, while space requirements for storage after use are minimal.

The mechanics of the slab roller make turning clay into perfect slabs quick and easy work.

Two cylinders, rotating in opposite directions, process the clay into slabs with consistent properties.

Adjusting the slab thickness is exact and easy, using the precision scale and movings adjustments handles.

The big work surface makes handling even large slabs of clay very comfortable.
By using two canvas even extra large clay slabs are possible!

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The Slab Roller RS8560 is a very robust and high-quality machine for rolling plastic ceramic bodies and is extremely easy and safe to handle.

The RS8560 frame construction is made of strong, high-quality welded tubes that provide the highest resistance to torsion.
The four  feet can be disassembled for transport allowing it also to be used as a tabletop slab roller.

The clay body is fed in between two sturdy cloths for rolling.
The large roller diameter and the smooth-running wheel handle allow the slab to be fed easily through rollers across the entire workspace. The thickness indicator allows the thickness of the slab to be precisely and continually adjusted from two sides.

Clay slabs can be removed from the slab roller without effort and are then ready for further processing.
The RS8560 does not require elaborate cleaning.

Special features of the RS8560:
    Large workspace (660 x 850 mm)
    Continuous setting of thickness (up to 65 mm), easy-to-read scale
    2 layer industrial, easy cleaning
    Roller diameter 50 mm
    Large wheel handle facilitates operation

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Material type Slab roller