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Rotary Sieve Set

Large rotating sieve with 3 brushes - TAMIROT

Ø of the sieve's canvas / 190 mm

Ø of the high part of the plastic tray / 410 mm

Sieve delivered with 3 sizes of stainless steel canvas / 80, 100 et 120#

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This rotating sieve is used for sieving high quantity of glaze or liquid clay.

This rotating sieve has a round plastic body which suits to every round container.

The extension of the sieve's handle permits to put it on extra wide container.

Sieves "push-in" with molded rubber joint are interchangeable.

The sieve's canvas is in steel and is available in the following  meshes:  80 #, 100 #, 120 #.

Moist and dry materials can be quickly sieved 

For example, dry ashes can be put through a shield as thin as  100 #.

Brushes are put against the shield and when the handle has been turned, the pressure required might have being set if you push on the latter once it has been turned.

Brushes are hold in a molded plastic central piece which has to be screwed enough in order to ensure the contact with the sieve's canvas.

Brushes have nylon hairs put in a plastic support. They don't absorb colours and can easily be washed. They are durables and can easily be replaced.

After using, the shield can be removed as well as brushes for an easy washing.

Handles are also removable easily in order to make easier the transport.

This sieve is sent by post. It is delivered with precises instructions for assembly.



Bowl - white plastic in polyéthylène
Brush - red plastic with nylon hairs
Crank - steel in black painting with wooden handle
Aluminium frame
Shield - rubber lip with sieve's canvas in stainless steel.


Ø on the top - 41 cm (16 1/4 ")
Ø through the below part  - 22 cm (8 1/2 ")
Widht - 15 cm (6 ")

Weight 1.61 kg

On request:

Sieve's canvas replacement in stainless steel (precise the thickness) and brushes  (set of 3)

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