1 374,00 €

60.00 kg

The SOLARGIL TE9 electronic is equipped with a "Brushless" type motor for a quiet and powerful high-torque drive

An electronic speed variator and an independent pedal positional to the right or left of the lathe.

Aluminium wheel head, diameter 350 mm of diameter with 2 heights of adjustment.

Wheel head equipped with device for quick change of MDF wooden batts (diameter 370 mm and 265 mm in 10 mm)

Power 350W for a maximum of 25 kg of clay.

Speed of 0 RPM at 300 RPM maximum.

Left and right drive.

Including large splash pan, easy to remove

Connection to a household electrical outlet.

Working height adjustable from 375 mm to 530 mm

Dimensions P 650 x W 565 mm.

Weight: 40 kg approx.

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