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Black - CS 202

This collection of colors necessary for the "Cuerda Seca" technique includes all the colors to develop a complete palette.

Colors can mix well, except Red CS-210 and Orange CS-211, which must be pure.

To obtain "Pastel" colors, it is necessary to add an opaque white enamel which decreases the intensity of the color and makes it softer.


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CUERDA SECA or PARTITIONED GLAZE Here is a series of special enamels for the technique of EMAUX CLOISONNES or CERDA SECA.

References F4312 Black and F4313 White are powders to be mixed with Copaïva balm to make the tracings of the partitions.

The enamels are applied with a brush or a pear. The colors are used diluted with water to obtain a thick mixture.

The CS 200 series can be used on a red support: these are opaque enamels.

The CS 400 series can be used on clear or white substrates: these are transparent glazes.

All colors are miscible with the exception of CS-210 red and CS-211 orange.

These colors do not flow, even when used vertically.

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Composition With lead