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Molar formula:

CO3Cu2 (OH)2

Molar mass: 221,00

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Finer than copper oxide, disperses better in the glaze.

In oxidizing firing develops green-yellow and turquoise hues in alkaline glaze.

And the famous "copper" reds in reduction*.

*In this form it allows a greater division of the oxide, copper is used to give reds called "copper" with a very reducing firing (colloidal coloring)

Copper salt of very fine grain, insoluble in cold water which decomposes in hot water.

It is soluble in ammonium hydroxide and in most acids.

Normally it is green in color and is very toxic.

Its dispersion in glazes is better than that of oxide because of its granulometry, although the green color obtained is less intense than with copper oxide.

When added to lead glazes or frits, the action of copper increases their solubility considerably and the green glazes thus obtained cannot be used for food articles and generally for any container that may be in contact with food.

A less powerful colouring stain than copper oxide but is able to disperse through a glaze more uniformly and is used where the slight speckle of the oxide is not desired. 3-7%

Formula: CuCO3