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Nickel oxide

1-3% produces brownish green, brown or grey.

In high zinc stoneware glazes a yellow or blue is obtained under reduction.

Nickel oxide gives a brown color but it is rarely used alone in coloring because associated with other oxides it gives a whole range of shades. Its melting temperature is very high.

It gives a wide variety of colors in glazes or covers but its typical color is brown.

In small quantities (less than 1%) it will give gray and up to 2% or more, brown.

Normally it is used more to modify or make greyer the colors derived from other coloring oxides, if we add 0.5% to recipes containing cobalt, iron or copper we can obtain beautiful grayish tones and shades.

Nickel is a very refractory oxide, added to your matte glazes and covers at more than 2% it can make them dry and rough to excess.


Added to glazes, it can give greenish brown, gray or pure brown colorations, depending on the composition of the glaze to which it is added.

The color obtained from nickel tends to be somewhat indeterminate, and is therefore generally used to modify or darken colors obtained from other oxides.

In pigment manufacture, it is widely used with other oxides to obtain a black color and as a modifier for titanium-based yellows and oranges.