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Red smooth modeling clay - MROUGE5

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Red smooth modeling clay - MROUGE5

100% natural composition clay (potter’s clay).

Easy and pleasant to work with.

Ideal for initiation, modeling, stamping, sculpture and throwing.

Can be baked, patinated or painted.

Emaillage not recommended because risk of twitching (bad chords of enamels). For a clay that is fired and enamelled choose from earthenware pasta from SOLARGIL.

Didactic material very suitable for the development of creativity.

Suitable for use by children (from 3 years) but also highly recommended for leisure and creative arts.

Advice /

Once opened, the bread can be stored wrapped in a plastic bag, ideally placed in the crisper of the refrigerator.

Dry in 4-5 days in ambient environment.

Friable realizations if not fired.

Does not enamel.

T° Firing / 980 - 1050°C (1796 - 1922°F)

Technical characteristics /

Plasticity index / 16.5%

Water content / 22%

Drying shrinkage at 22% of humidity (throwing) / 5 %

Withdrawal at 970°C / (1778°F) 0.75%

Water absortion at 970°C / (1778°C) 15.5%