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1KG 1 12,20 € 12,20 €
5KG 5 10,89 € 54,43 €
10KG 10 10,88 € 108,84 €
25KG 25 9,07 € 226,80 €

Raku glazes especially elaborated for Raku technic.

Made up of 5 basis.

Usable in bath glaze, with spray gun or with brush.

Also proposed 3 sinters of basis.

The medium has to be refractory.


Advice :

Temperature of firing : 800-900°C

Coefficient of expansion: 104

Mentions :

Presence of lead. Do not use for alimentary products. Only for decorative products

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Iron copper - R7

RAKU ENAMELS Special enamels series composed of 5 bases and enamels specially formulated for RAKU.

Can be used in a bath, with a spray gun or a brush.

We also offer 3 base frits.

The support used must be refractory.

Delivered in welded plastic bag.

Ref : R7

Advice :

Firing temperature : 800-900°C

Group III

Coefficient of expansion: 104

Data sheet

Composition With lead