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Golden lustre 5836


Advice :

Temperature for firing : 980-990°C

Mentions :

Presence of lead. Use only for decorative production

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Golden luster glaze - 5836

Group III Lead

Firing range: 980-990°C

Baking range 980-990°C

Metallic lustre enamel.

They come in powder form that can be sprayed, ladled, brushed, sponge or dipped.

The glazes can be applied on all biscuits, the colour will be the original one on white earthenware or white engobed earthenware.

On red biscuit the shade will be modified (darker).

The colour of effect glazes changes according to the thickness of the glaze and the colour of the biscuit.

Firing temperature: approx. 980°C.

Attention, some references can withstand 1280°C (check temperature on each reference).

Traditional enamel / water mixture: 100 / 70 %.

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Composition With lead