7 668,00 €

143.00 kg

Laboratory oven and tests 1250 ° C

MT range 1250 ° C

Model 60 liters

Internal dimensions:

Width 400 x Height 300 x Depth 495 mm

External dimensions:

Width 730 x Height 785 x Depth 890 mm

Weight: 133 kg

Power: 10.2 KW

380 V three-phase

Heating elements: Fe-Cr-Al

Insulation: Bricks and fiber for the door

More info

User-friendly menu in the 4-line display for easy operation.
• Current limit control for safe operation.
• Durable interior lining in high quality insulating bricks and ceramic fiber panels.
• Precise temperature measurement and control using type K thermocouples.
• Designed for the laboratory, with a minimal footprint, thanks to a highly technical insulation design.
• Double shell housing for low outside surface temperature.
• Optional shielding gas connection, door switch.
• Possibility of liftable doors and Sidewords.
• Control accuracy ± 1 ° C.