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Blue aquamarine - GE408


Transparent glaze "big thickness" without lead.

For earthenware paste: Glazes from this range can be used as classical crackled glazes, so in a fine undercoat and for a firing at around 980°C.


For stoneware and porcelain paste already fired at high temperature: in order to create an effect of melted glass. Préparation of the glaze in high density and application in thick undercoat. If necessary, use the médium Sérograf instead of water. Firing at 980°C

Another possibilities: application on a bisqueware piece in hollow area or with edge of stoneware or porcelain paste.Firing at 1280 °C


Advice :

Firing temperature 950°C - 1280°C


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Collection of thick non-lead enamels, mainly designed to be applied on stoneware pastes to create a "molten glass" effect on the ceramic piece.

These enamels can be applied on the part already fired (sandstone) with the highest possible density, in order to have a considerable layer of enamel, this will give the desired effect.

If necessary, use the medium "SEROGRAF" to increase the fixing and drying effect of the enamel.

This method can be applied to stoneware, porcelain and refractory fired at low temperature.

Due to its high coefficient of expansion = 101.1 x 10-7, this collection also allows its use on pieces of white paste at low temperature such as classic cracked enamel, applied with a thin layer of enamel and firing at 980 ° C.

Be careful, the enamel may flow in the event of an excessive layer on a vertical part.

The application of the enamel can be by dipping, gun, brush or with a slip trailer.

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Composition Without lead