13 890,00 €

510.00 kg

Furnace FUSING Modèle G-560 liters 980°C



Power 27 kW in 400 V

Weight: 500 kg

Interior dimensions: L 2000 x P1000 x H 280 mm

Exterior dimensions: L2500 x P 1400 x H 1100 mm


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Partitions and the archway have an insolation in rigid panels of 75 mm (3 of 25 mm)

The sole has a thickness isolation of 100 mm (1 rigid fiber panel of 25 + 1 of 50 + 1 of 25 mm)

Kilns are equiped with 4 ventilations trap door of 90 x 60 mm.

Kilns are delivered with 4 dismantled legs.

In option, pneumatic piston can be put for an automatic opening.

The Kanthal A1 heating element are equipped in the archway of the kiln, in quartz tube

Supply in 400 V

All kilns are equipped with a program controller ART620, 15 programmable curves and of 20 segments each.

Unchanging posting of the temperature.

Security system by cutting the electric supply in case of exceeding the temperature maxi.

2 " thermocouples" type K 1200°C.

The isolation of the kiln is hold thanks to CUPLOCKS.

This system permit an easy dismantle of the isolated partition for a control.

Body in high steel quality with anticorrosion treatment.

The opining and the closing of the cover are

 There are gas strut in order to help for the opening and the closing of the cover.

All our kilns have an acces on 3 side.

Technical caracteristics: working temperature maxi 950°C