Electric kiln Benjamin1G 11 liters in stainless steel 1300°C 220V front-loading


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50.00 kg

Electric kiln Benjamin-1G 11 liters in stainless steel 1300°C 220V  front-loading

Electric kiln for ceramic and pottery.

Model Benjamin-1G 11 liters completely in stainless steel 1300°C 220V  front-loading

Benjamin-11 liters it's for tests and laboratory use.


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Ceramic kiln with refractory insulating brick JM26 1430 ° C 60mm + 90mm board 1260 ° C. Total: 150mm insulation.
Note: New building of brick kilns with grooved NO cemented to avoid cracking.

Equipped with an electronic control withdrawable ATR 902, with start-up feature, 15 programs- eatch with up to 20 segments.

Display constant temperature, automatic re-route in case of power failure.

Security system by cutting power supply in case of exceeding the maximum temperature. Thermocouple type S 1400°C.

Cut security at the opening of the door.

The carcass of the upper oven is ventilated to prevent condensation.

Made entirely of stainless steel 2mm.
Oven comes with 1 plate of sole.

Epoxy paint on the door high strength cleaner for the environment (water based). CE.
Power 2.2kW - 10A 230V.

Interior dimensions: L 210mm - H 230mm - P 230mm.

External dimensions: L 530mm - H 530mm - P 560mm (Without Door P 480 mm).

Weight 40kg approx.