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530.00 kg

Ceramic KILN SBM-S300D 5R 1320 °C 300 Liters</sp

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Refractory brick coating entirely JM26 1430°C 60 mm + 125 mm of board 1260°C =185 mm of insulation
Heating elements on fives sides on rods (up to 1320°C)

Heating element in Kanthal A1 assembled on alumina rods (1500°C)
Note: New construction of ovens with NOT cemented grooved bricks, to avoid all risuqes cracks.
Control unit ATR 902 likely to be stripped very simple to handle with 15 memorable programs and 20 segments each one.
Startup différee
Constant posting of the temperature, re-starting automatic in the event of power cut.
Security system by power dump in the event of going beyond the maximum temperature.
Cut of safety to the opening of the door.
Differed starting, time and programmable temperature for each segment, stage and adjustable temperature of cooking.
Standard thermocouple "S" 1400°C
Air supply slide at bottom, operated from front, air intake under the floor plate for a fast cooling.

Metal structure of the oven is ventilated to avoid any corrosion.
Kiln delivered with 1 floor plate and its feet (dismountable)