FOUR SBM-K 200 L 1100°C


7 140,00 €

440.00 kg

Kiln 1100 ° C front-loading capacity 200 liters SBM.K200


Refractory insulated brick JM23 1260 ° C 60mm + 85mm Board 1260 ° C between the brick and frame.

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Equipped with an electronically controlled disconnecting, with delayed starting, 15 programs + 20 segments.

Display constant temperature, automatic restart in case of power failure.

Security system by cutting the power supply in case of exceeding the maximum temperature. Thermocouples type K''''1200 ° C.

3-sided heating, resistance Kantal A1 (heating elements recessed)

Safety cut to open the door.

Oven comes with a sole plate and feet.

Inlet damper adjustable air under the floor for rapid cooling.

Reinforced metal frame of the oven.

The carcass of the upper oven is ventilated to prevent corrosion. CE. 10.5 kilowatts of power 400V - Gross Weight: 430 kg (230 V option).

Internal dimensions: 500mm L - 700mm H - P 575mm.

Exterior Dimensions: L 840mm - 1100mm H - P 1100 mm (H without feet).