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Semi-rigid abrasive pad with diamond coating - TAMPONABP200

To sand enamel or clay splinter on your pieces.

Fine grain (P 200) Red

w. 55 x L. 90 x H. 27 mm

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Diamond grit on these 1.75″ x 2.75″ pads will smooth off high-fired glaze or clay quickly and much more easily than any other type of sandpaper or abrasive.
Has 1/2″ thick of semi-flexible pad for dry use only on any bisqued or high-fired glaze or clay or glass.
Great for smoothing off grit or glaze, clay or whatever is stuck to the bottom of a piece after firing.
Or smooth off the bottom of a piece so it won’t scratch a table or snag a fabric tablecloth.

60 grit (coarse)
120 grit (medium)
200 grit (fine)

400 grit (extra fine)

Sanding with diamond grit requires much less force, many fewer hand strokes… which translates into far less fatigue and joint/muscle strain………. and much less time sanding.

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Tools type Finishing technical tools