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4510.00 kg

Series SMG 1320 ° C - Electric kiln fiber. Brick gate tower. Soles mobils - 5-sided heating - 2 independent heating zones. Resistors mounted on alumine tubes holders, fireplace motorized cooling sole adjustable.

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All resistors are held in place by pins in Kanthal. Electronic control ATR-620. 15 curves of 20 segments incorporated. 2 independent heating zones. Automatic fireplace. System of a power supply in case of exceeding the maximum temperature. 3 thermocouples control type''S''1400 ° C. With regard to the door. Sole plates provided. 250 mm of insulation, either: 25mm internal insulation fiber chromium (1430 ° C for less shrinkage), 25mm standard fiber in 1430 ° C, 50mm Fiber 1260 ° C, 10mm paper by 1200 ° C heat , 140mm Fiber 1260 ° C bulk, 15mm vacuum to prevent condensation. Resistance support specially developed for its rapid change and that with only a key 10 and a screwdriver! CE. Power 160 kW at 400V. 4 Mobile soles: 2 in the oven and 2 outside. Interior Dimensions: L 1100mm x H 1300mm x D 3500mm. Exterior Dimensions: L 2080mm x H 2420mm x D 4240mm. With microprocessor control ATR-620 included in the price.