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Blue self-enameling Egyptian clay - TEGYPB

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Blue self-enameling Egyptian clay - TEGYPB

Very siliceous clay intended more for modeling than throwing.

Clay mixture with incorporated enamel.

A single firing because self-enamelling: when drying, the sodium is in soluble form and migrates to the surface (especially do not scratch the layer or skin on the surface). During firing, the surface will melt more than the interior, resulting in the formation of a blue enamel.

Clay for decorative use. In no case for food use.

Single firing

T° Firing / 900 - 930°C electric oven / not higher to have the blue color.

If you fire at high temperature, it will begin to metallic with dark reflections and then turn black. Enamel may even disappear.

At 920°C, if your oven is reduced (gas oven), it will become very black.

No particular temperature curve, apply the same curve as for earthenware, respecting well the indicated final temperature.

Technical characteristics /

Drying shrinkage / 4%

Withdrawal at 930°C / (1706°F) 6.5%