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DURCI'DUR® Golden yellow Classic Range - DDJ1.5

Natural clay with hardener, for modeling that hardens to air without the need of firing.

Dries in 24-48h depending on the thickness to give realizations resistant to shocks.

European Standard Toys EN-71/3.

Don’t stain the hands.

Does not fire, does not enamel.

Available in several colours.

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DURCI'DUR® Golden yellow Classic Range - DDJ1.5

Natural clay with hardener for modeling, derived from wood glue, which self-hardens in the air without the need for firing and which has a hardness similar to fired ceramic.

Very suitable for the development of creative abilities and perception for child use (from 3 years) but also for creative leisure and fine arts.

Very good plasticity for modeling thanks to its clayey nature and the presence of natural cellulose fibers which allow safe drying without cracks, even for large parts. Also allows the realization of very fine details.

Fine texture and soft to the touch. Can be shaped and turned with a potter's wheel.

Very clean clay, free from paraben® and odour. Easy to clean with water.
Once dry, it can be polished, cut or perforated, but also coloured, patinated or varnished.
Let your imagination run wild by inlaid, before drying, SOLARGIL mosaics in your DURCI'DUR® realization.
Complies with European standard EN-71/3.
Advices /
Once opened, the clay will keep for 2 to 3 months, packaged in a plastic bag and ideally placed in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.
Keep in a cool environment avoiding high temperatures. Do not store below 0°C, if the product is frozen or frozen, it loses all its properties.
DURCI'DUR® clay is not water resistant, so it is not recommended to make objects that must contain water even if they are protected with a waterproofer.
Paste for decorative and non-food use.