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Brush "Oreille de Boeuf" Tracer N°10

Dark brown Ox hair, hair protector.

Ferrule : Seamless nickel.

Handle : Short light brown Albata (handle are growing in lenght)

Diameter : 6.9 mm

Lenght : 25 mm

Ref : 18000 - 1431010

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Brush made of natural, soft and resistant ox hair with a high retention capacity.

Ideal for the application of enamels and ceramic oxide.

Tank tracer underskirt brush, round mounting with central tip, short varnished handle, nickel-plated ferrule.

Of incomparable quality, they are very resistant and have a high capillarity.

The tip of the ox-hair brushes is always perfect and gives an extremely precise touch, ideal for long detail work, for all ceramic decoration techniques.

Ceramic decoration brush, round
Light brown beef ear hair
silver plated ferrule
varnished long handle
Round brushes for details, strokes and drawings on ceramic pieces.

This brush may hold more paint than you think, as it usually has long bristles, which means more paint can be held in the brush.

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