Transparent glaze with Lead

Wide range of transparent lead glazes

Possibility to color them with oxides or dyes of the P series

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  • Transparent glaze - 5005 Composed of Fritte. Glossy transparent enamel is widely used for enamelling white majolica, for its excellent transparency, shine and color development. It can be used for culinary ceramics because it does not give lead solubility under usual working conditions. Can be decorated both under and on enamel. It is specially...

  • Lead bisilicate enamel - BIS PB Composed of Frit. Transparent glaze with lead. For glazing ceramic pottery and artistic pieces in white or red clay. It can be used in monocuisson. Recommended firing temperature, between 950-1000ºC.

  • Transparent glaze - C551 Composed of Frit. Transparent for general use, both for red earthenware and for white tiles and majolica. Develops very well the whole range of colors. The firing temperature varies between 980-1050ºC.

  • Alkaline crackle transparent enamel - CQ 01 (FR6) Composed of Fritte. Cracked and shiny transparent email. Its application is recommended on white or engobées pasta to appreciate the aged effect of cracking. Allows decoration under enamel with burnt dye oxides. Once the piece is cooked, it is recommended to use Judean Bitumen to bring out the cracked...

  • Matte transparent enamel - G 1005 Composed of Frit. Transparent satin zinc and lead enamel. Can be easily colored. One must take into account the fact that zinc oxide can be bad to develop certain oxides dyes. We recommend applying it for white paste and thin layer to avoid opalescences. The firing temperature varies between 950-1000ºC.    

  • Transparent glaze - PR 211 B Composed of Frit. Glossy transparent enamel for general use, for single-serve and biscuit. For its high transparency, we recommend it both to cover the pieces in decoration, and to prepare coloured enamels. The firing temperature varies between 980-1020ºC.    

  • Transparent glaze - PR 47 Composed of Frit. Shiny transparent enamel with a high amount of calcium. Recommended as a base for producing colored enamels with coloring oxides compounds based on calcium, such as for example the base of (Cr, Sn, Ca). Rutile base when looking for a lead enamel with a high melting viscosity which must be used at a...

  • Transparent glaze - PR O Composed of Frit. Transparent varnished which has been specially studied for pieces of pottery which must contain food. It adapts correctly both to popular earthenware (red clay) in double firing, as in single firing, because in its formulation, products are included which favor its adhesion to the soil. It admits the addition...

  • Mono lead silicate enamel - MONO PB Composed of Frit. Transparent, shiny and melting enamel. With lead. It is a basis of characteristics similar to the lead minium but without the disadvantages of toxicity. For glazing ceramic pottery pieces in white or red clay. Recommended firing temperature, between 800-950ºC. Allows monocuisson. Base for low...

  • Transparent glossed glaze SOL01/009 With lead Firing temperature : 980-1020°C

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items