Frits materials are weighed, melted together and ground to produce a powdered glass.

Earthenware frits for application on bisque ceramic pieces or base for coloring or modification in the creation of your own glazes

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  • Crushed Lead Monosilicate Fritte - FR1 Composed of Fritte. Émail transparent, brillant et fondant. Très plombeux. It is a basis of characteristics similar to the lead minium but without the disadvantages of toxicity. For glazing ceramic pottery pieces in red earth. Recommended cooking temperature, between 800-950ºC. Base for low melting point...

  • Crushed frit bisilicate of lead - FR2 Composed of Fritte. Very lead transparent enamel. Application for glazing ceramic pottery and artistic pieces in white or red clay. It can be used in monocuisson. Recommended firing temperature, between 950-1000ºC (1742-1832°F).

  • Boro-calcium frit without lead - FR3 (PR1430)Composed of Fritte.Transparent and glossy enamel, lead-free. For enamelling of ceramic parts of red or white clay, especially those which must contain food. Firing temperature between 980-1020ºC.

  • Alkaline frit for crystallization - FR5 (3110) Alkaline lead-free enamel with high temperature range. Composed of frit. Used in the production of crystallizations at high temperature. Temperature range 1000-1300°C.  

  • Alkaline Frit - FR6 (CQ01) Composed of Fritte. Cracked and shiny transparent email. Its application is recommended on white or engobées pasta to appreciate the aged effect of cracking. Allows decoration under enamel with burnt dye oxides. Once the piece is cooked, it is recommended to use Judean Bitumen to bring out the cracked effect. Other enamels...

  • Boro-alkaline frit - FR7 (CQ 03) Ceramic compound. TRANSPARENT CRACKED TRANSPARENT ENAMEL GLOSSY very alkaline and fondant, suitable for raku techniques or metallic reflections. Specially recommended as ceramic covered. With the addition of metallic oxides, characteristic colours of alkaline enamels are obtained, as in the case of the CuO for...

  • Boro-Alkaline Frit - FR8 (PR 1000) Composed of frit. Transparent, lead-free and very melting email. Raw material in the ceramic industry. This is a basis for the development of lead-free enamels. Recommended firing temperature between 850-1000°C.

  • Zircon Frit - FR9 (M 5148) Composed of frit. Email White Zircon opaque, lead-free, which makes it suitable for any kind of food pottery. Admits decoration very well. We recommend the use of lead-free pigments when the room to be decorated must contain food. The firing temperature varies between 960-980ºC.

  • Calco-alkaline fritte - FR10 (PR 1440) Composed of frit. Lead-free transparent enamel with relatively high expansion. Application Ceramic product for enamelling of white and red clay pieces with an expansion superior to the standard. Admit to the decoration. The firing interval is between 940 and 1000ºC.

  • Low corrective expansion frit - FR11 (PR 14) Composed of Frit. Transparent Enamel. It is a corrector, low dilatation. Application Raw material in ceramics. The use is very limited by its low expansion. It can be added to certain enamels to reduce their dilatation. Recommended firing temperature between 980-1050ºC.

  • White barium / tin frit - FR12 (5913) Lead-free crackle matte enamel. For glazing red or white earthenware. Develops the colors very well. The firing temperature varies between 960-1020°C.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items